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Renewables UK PLC Set To Go Nationwide!

The Directors of Surrey based renewables company Heat Pump Installations Ltd Gary Ellis and Peter Cunningham have big plans to cope with the coming demand for Renewable Energy. They have set up Renewables UK PLC to be the holding company for the supply and installation of ALL of the Renewable Technologies. Their successful Heat Pumps operation ( is set to go nationwide next year as a franchise organisation for each of the individual counties of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. HEAT PUMPS (Surrey) Ltd, HEAT PUMPS (Kent) Ltd, HEAT PUMPS (Cornwall) Ltd, HEAT PUMPS(Powys), HEAT PUMPS (Armagh) etc etc will be operated by reputable local engineers in each geographical location under the holding company HEAT PUMPS UK LTD. A total of 96 operating companies have already been formed together with the associated domain names. The recruitment of franchisees will commence in the summer of 2010.

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Renewables UK PLC have also established their Solar division with the arrival of Capital Solar Ltd into their organisation. Solar Hot Water and Solar PV (Electricity generation) systems are available to complement the firm's Heat Pumps. David Plumley the MD of Capital Solar Ltd will be heading up this division as well as assisting in the overall development of Renewables UK PLC. As from April 2010 Solar Power will be in great demand as the Government's new Microgeneration Scheme will provide up to 1500 pa of tax free income from electricity sales back to the Grid. Payback periods will reduce to 10 years or so, leaving aside the CO2 emissions benefits and the enticing prospect of ZERO/NEGATIVE energy costs for heating and hot water